PreK Software with Therapist Support


PreK Software with Therapist Support

PreK Software and Remote Therapist Support

NeuroNet facilitates Learning through Movement, an approach based on neuroscience research on the way neural networks are created and strengthened. By combining rhythmic exercise with academic drills, students achieve greater fluency, or automaticity, in essential reading, writing, math skills.

Registration includes

  • NeuroNet PreK Software

  • One hour of phone or Skype support will be provided by an audiologist, an occupational therapist, or a speech therapist who is also a certified NeuroNet provider

  • Access to NeuroNet's iPad Assessment

  • Over four hours of Online Course modules to help you get the most out of NeuroNet delivered through NeuroNet's Learning Management System

  • Neuroscience of NeuroNet Training

  • NeuroNet Towel used in Program Activities