Early Learning Program

The Early Learning Program is designed to help children ages 3 to 5 develop learning readiness by reaching developmental milestones in hearing, balance, and communication.

Level 4 - Sample Exercise


The Early Learning Program includes 10 levels of exercises including 37 movement exercises like the one shown above. Children must learn when to start and stop, when to jump, when to listen, when to talk, and when to put the rock in the box and celebrate - yes!

Listen, Talk and Write - Sample Exercise


Most handwriting programs teach the skill - how to form letters - and hope that students learn to automate handwriting on their own. NeuroNet's unique approach to handwriting starts at the speed at which the child can succeed at writing geometric forms. In time, the child will learn to write letters at the same speed as she writes geometric forms. In the next program level, the Integrated Rhythms program, both the speed and complexity of the written forms is increased.